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Accent Modification


What are accent modification/ pronunciation training services?

Accents are a natural part of spoken language, and every person has an accent. Accents and dialects are intimately tied to identity and community. Different language variations are invaluable in strengthening and communicating different cultural identities. However; some individuals who present with an accent seek to improve their communication by being able to speak more clearly and more naturally. This is where accent modification and pronunciation training can help.

I have an accent. Do I have a communication disorder?

Accents (regional, foreign, or nonnative) are not a communication disorder. Accent modification is therefore an elective service and not a speech therapy.

What is the goal of accent modification services?

The goal of accent modification services is to improve our clients’ speech clarity and overall naturalness, resulting in improved naturalness in communication and increase in their self esteem and communicative confidence. 
The goal of accent modification is not to eliminate the existence of non mainstream dialects and accents, nor is it to disconnect the individual from their community and identity associated with a particular language variation.

Does accent modification/ pronunciation training work?

Before Kate (owner of Bonita Speech Services) started her career as a speech-language pathologist, she also underwent accent modification and pronunciation training to increase her naturalness and communicative confidence as a non-native English language speaker. After experiencing profound positive effects of accent modification service on her communication skills, she developed her passion to help others who also seek to improve their communication skills. In her service training, she brings her unique perspective of someone who has gone through the training herself, allowing her to connect with her clients and better understand their goals and communication needs. 


I am interested in your accent modification services. What should be my first step?

You can contact Bonita Speech Services at or at 619-736-4540 to schedule a free 20 minute consultation! During the consultation we will listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions. We will also draft an individualized action plan that will include your assessment plan. After the assessment is completed, an individualized service plan will be drafted. The service plan will include all your individual goals. Depending on your motivation and ability to practice outside of the service sessions, usually, accent modification and pronunciation training will be approximately 10-12 weeks long. Our former clients describe high levels of satisfaction after completing our accent modification and pronunciation training, reporting increased self-esteem and confidence in communication.

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